M-Coffee Table by Daniel Boddam

The proportions of the M-Coffee Table are determined by Le Corbusier ‘s modular man and the Golden Section. This table is a study in scale; conceived as a basic rectangular mass hollowed out to create architectural details at key points. Steps are carved from one corner and on the other is a ‘space’ which creates a recess for books and art objects. An oculus was carved into the ‘ceiling’ of this ‘space,’ bringing illumination, like a miniature Pantheon, to its interior. The M-Coffee Table features steps for the display of items, a book niche, and removable glass components recessed on the surface of the table.

Monument Collection

Daniel Boddam’s Monument collection is influenced by his journeys through Europe and the Americas, where he encountered monumental architecture. It discusses ancient architecture through the lens of modern design.
The monument pays homage to thoughtful simplicity, pure type geometry, and the durability of natural materials.


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