Totem French Design Collaborative

Totem furniture design
Totem furniture design

Totem was a Lyons-based French design collective.

Cabinetmakers Jacques Bonnet, Frรฉdรฉrich du Chayla, Vincent Lemarchand, and Claire Olives founded Totem in 1980. Their furnishings straddled the line between art and function.

They made tableware for Manufacture de Sevres and rugs, furniture, and items for Archimia. They manufactured c100 furniture parts for the town hall of Villeurbanne, near Lyons, and the Musรฉe d’Art moderne, Saint- Etienne, including signage. Caravelles, a non-profit organisation, was established to operate the Quadriennale Internationale de Design.


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Suzanne Guiguichon French Furniture Designer – Encyclopedia of Design

Suzanne Guiguichon was a French furniture designer and decorator. She was born and worked in Paris. Since 1929 she worked as a designer with Maurice Dufrene at the Galeries Lafayette design studio La Maitrise in Paris. Most of the furniture, clocks, lighting, fabrics, rugs, accessories Guiguichon designed anonymously.

Silver and twentieth-century design – Encyclopedia of Design

The impact of silver metal technology has driven the development of modern furnishings throughout the 20th century. The transformation of a chair into a sculptural statement, for example. Within a multi-function, interior metal objects have not always been at the forefront of modern design.

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