Metalarte – Spanish lighting firm

Metalarte is a lighting company based in Spain.

The Riera family owns Metalarte. In the 1960s, the company began producing a Modern line of lighting alongside its historicist turned-brass models. The 1975 Calder halogen swivel table lamp by Enric Franch was an exception to a return to conservative production. It produced avant-garde lighting again in the 1980s, with the 1988 Maja standard lighting and other models by Sergi Devesa and the 1989 Ketupa lamp by Josep Llusca and Joaquin Berao.

Joia (1986) – Ceiling mounted lamp.

Model Joia Ceiling Lamp by Josep LluscĂ  for Metalarte, 1980s
Model Joia Ceiling Lamp by Josep LluscĂ  for Metalarte, 1980s

A ceiling-mounted lamp, Joia bounces halogen rays off its white disc-shaped reflector to flood the room with indirect light. The lamp, designed in-house by Josep Llusca for Metalarte, Barcelona, Spain, comprises a white lacquered disc from which a chromium-plated fixture is suspended.

Verte A (1987) – Wall Sconce

Verte a metalarte wall sconce
Verte a metalarte wall sconce

Verte A, a wall sconce, and Verte P, a ceiling lamp, use minimal means to create a soft glow of light. Verte A has a brushed aluminium base from which its tempered glass diffuser hinges to spread light against the wall. Verte P works on the same principle but uses two sheets of tempered glass, hinged at the centre, to diffuse and direct light. The lamps were designed in-house by Sergi Devesa.


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