Masakazu Kobayashi (1944 – ) Japanese textile designer

Masakzu Kobayashi preparing for exhibition
Masakzu Kobayashi preparing for exhibition

Masakazu Kobayashi is a Japanese textile designer.  


He studied at the University of Arts, Kyoto, Japan.


Between 1966 and 1975, he worked as a textile designer for Kawashima. He manifested traditional textile techniques and aesthetics in his work. He developed both production fabrics and large-scale fibre works.

"Space Age" fabric 1982 by Masakazu Kobayashi
“Space Age” fabric 1982 by Masakazu Kobayashi. In Design since 1945
Masakazu Kobayashi Sound Collage
Masakazu Kobayashi Sound Collage

The repeated lines and stripes of his 1982 Space Age fabric by Sangetsu evoked komon, a textile dyeing technique which uses paper patterns with small motifs. Other works suggestive of traditional weavings included 1977 W to the third power and, with threads suspended in a frame, 1979 Meditation.


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