Pedro Miralles (1955 – 1993) Spanish architect and designer

Pedro Miralles featured image
Pedro Miralles featured image

Pedro Miralles (1955 – 1993) Spanish architect and designer. He was a prominent Spanish designer in the late twentieth century. He also worked as a cinema set decorator and as an actor.

He earned a degree in architecture after beginning his studies in Valencia and finishing them in Madrid.

In Madrid, he encountered people associated with postmodern culture, including architect Rafael Moneo, his university professor, and members of the Madrid movida movement, such as film director Pedro Almodóvar and fashion designer Jess del Well.

  • Egyptian lamp by Pedro Miralles
  • Dry Martini stool by Pedro Miralles
  • Nest Tables - Andrews Sisters by Pedro Mirrales
  • Poynton sideboard by Pedro Miralles
  • Arabesque chair by Pedro Miralles

In Valencia, he organised his first solo furniture show a year later. He earned a master’s degree in industrial design from Milan’s prestigious Domus Academy in 1987.

Luis Adelantado, NMF, B.d Ediciones de Disefio, Arflex & José Martinez Medina, and Artespafa created his industrial designs, including references to cinema, literature, and popular music. 

Summary of works

  • NMF’s 1985 Acuatica chair, 
  • 1985 Dry Martini stool, 
  • 1986 Armchair 115, 
  • Voyeur folding screen, 
  • Egyptian lamp and Calzada rug were among his creations. 
  • Punt Mobles produced his three-part interlocking Andrews Sisters tables in bubinga wood in 1988, and 
  • Santa & Cole produced his Egipcia floor lamp in 1987. 
  • His waste bins, made of concrete and sheet iron with an integrated ashtray, were installed at the 1992 Seville ‘Expo °92’; their dodecahedron form was inspired by the Torre del Oro, a 13th-century 12-sided tower overlooking the Guadalquivir.


Miralles work received numerous prizes such as the ADI-FAD selection in 1985 for his Acuática Chair and a prize he won again in 1988 this time with the Egipicia Lamp. In 1987 the prestigious Design Prize awarded by the School of Architects of Madrid.


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