Mikhail Mikhailovich Adamovich (1884 – 1947) Russian porcelain designer

Mikhail Adamovich a propoganda plate
Mikhail Adamovich a propoganda plate
Soviet Propaganda Plate - after a drawing by Mikhail Adamovich
Soviet Propaganda Plate – after a drawing by Mikhail Adamovich

Mikhail Mikhailovich Adamovich (1884 – 1947) was a Russian porcelain designer.

In 1907, Adamovich travelled to Italy to study decorative painting after graduating from Moscow’s Strogonov School of Art and Industrial Design. In 1909, he returned to Russia to paint murals in both St Petersburg and Moscow. He worked in the art department of the State Porcelain Factory after the First World War (known as the Imperial Porcelain Factory before the Russian Revolution and, after 1925, the Lomonosov State Porcelain Factory).

After serving in the Red Army from 1919 to 1921, he returned to work at the State Porcelain Factory (1921–1923), where he drew on revolutionary agitprop subject matter such as Lenin’s head, the Soviet Red Star, the hammer and sickle, and other Soviet regime symbols. He went on to work at other significant porcelain works such as the Volkhov Factory (1924–7) and the Dulevo Works (1927–33) after receiving a medal at the 1925 Paris Exposition des Arts Décoratifs.


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