Karel Teige (1900 – 1951) Czech art critic, typographic artist and collagist

Karel Teige featured image
Karel Teige featured image

Karel Teige (1900 – 1951) was a Czech art critic, painter, typographic artist and collagist. He was born in the Czech Republic.


Teige earned a bachelor’s degree in art history from Prague’s Charles University.


Between the wars, Teige was a prominent figure in Czech art and architecture. He was the editor of many avant-garde magazines, including Disk, Stavba, and ReD, and wrote about photography. DevĂ©tsil’s first exhibits included Cubist-style paintings and drawings. He created the new medium of Pictorial Poems in 1923, fusing painting and poetry; inspired by Soviet Constructivism, he advocated for “proletarian” art. In 1929, he gave a lecture on new forms in Czech art at the Bauhaus in Dessau. Hannes Meyer invited him to organise conferences on “Sociology and Architecture,” a description of which appeared in the revue ReD in 1929.

  • On the Banks of Baudelaire by Karel Teige
  • Karel Teige - Fictional Landscapes
  • Karel Teige - Fictional Landscapes

His photomontage book covers, posters, and typography were notable as he later specialised in typography, photomontage, and stage design. He developed intricate collages focused on the metamorphosis of the female body from 1935 to 1941 when he turned to Surrealism.


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