Vlastislav Hofman (1884- 1964) Czech Architect, Designer and Artist

  • Vase designed by Vlastislav Hofman 1914
  • Selection of furniture designed byVlastislav Hofman
  • Cafe service set 1911 designed by Vlastislav Hofman
  • Chair designed by Vlastislav Hofman
  • Paesaggio di campagna, 1938 designed by Vlastislave Hofman

Vlastislav Hofman (1884 – 1964) was a Czech architect, designer and artist. He studied at the Czech Technical University. He worked in the building department of the Prague magistrate. He was a member of the Artel Cooperative and Mánes Association of Plastic Artists. In 1911 he left Mánes and joined the group of plastic artists. He wrote a number of theoretical articles for magazines. In 1912, he left the group and returned to Mánes.  

He was considered the founder of the Czech Modern movement, with a range of activities including architecture, applied arts and painting, and from 1919, theatre set design. He collaborated with Karel Hilar through the development of Czech cubism through theoretical treatises.


Received a gold medal at 1925 Paris ‘Exposition International des Arts Décoratifs et Industrield Modernes,’ and a grand prize in 1937 Paris ‘Exposition Internationale des Arts et Techniques dans la Vie Moderne.’ He won the grand prize at the 1940 (VII) Triennale di Milano.


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