Elio Martinelli (1922 – 2004) Italian Lighting Designer

Elio Martinelli featured image
Elio Martinelli featured image

Elio Martinelli (1922 – 2004) was an Italian Designer born in Lucca.


He attended Liverpool School of Art and London’s Sir John Cass Technical College.


He and others founded a lighting company in 1942. In 1956, he founded the lighting firm Martinelli Luce in Lucca, designing plastics and metal and producing a perspex hanging lamp published in La Rivista dell’ Arredamento.

Plastics were used in the firm’s production from the start, though initially, only acrylics were used. Then came to methacrylate, melamine, ABS, and Delrin. Its designs were inspired by the square, the sphere, and other geometric shapes.

  • "Map" ("2144") Lamp by Elio Martinelli for Martinelli Luce, Italy, 1968
  • "Serpente" Floor Lamp by Elio Martinelli for Martinelli Luce, 1968
  • Table lamp 643 by Elio Martinelli

Gae Aulenti, Sergio Asti, Studio DA, Giovanni Bassi, Sergio Martinelli, and director Elio Martinelli were among the designers. The production was done in small series.


His work was shown at the 1966 Genoa ‘Eurodomus I,’ 1967 Turin ‘Eurodomus II,’ 1968 (XIV) Triennale di Milano, and Domus Design in Switzerland and the Netherlands. Elio Martinelli’s 1970 Table Lamp 643 and 1967 Flessibile working lamp and Asti’s Profiteroles table lamp were featured in the 1972 exhibition ‘Design a PlastickĂ© Hmoty’ at the UmĂ©leckoprimyslovĂ© Muzeum in Prague.

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