Tom Ngo’s Architectural Absurdity

“Common sense and conventional practice prohibit the evolution of architecture.” This is the first quote you find reading Tom Ngo’s Master’s thesis: The Dinner Address, A Venture into Architectural Absurdity. And it’s also the starting point of his artistic work, paintings and drawings, which search nothing but different frameworks of thought to create new architectural solutions normally ruled out due to irrationality.


Tom Ngo is a Hong Kong-born visual artist based in Toronto.

His work explores the impact of logic on the act of design and the necessity of function in architecture.  He has exhibited across North America and his recent work has been included in the exhibition, ‘ASSEMBLE: 5 years of Contemporary Canadian Drawing’ at the Art Gallery of Sudbury, Toronto, and in the publication ‘Imagine Architecture: Artistic Visions of the Urban Realm’ by Gestalten.

In conjunction with his visual art practice, Ngo is also a project architect at Kongats Architects and an instructor at the Daniel’s Faculty of Landscape, Architecture, and Design at the University of Toronto.

  • Janus Pencil on Paper by Tom Ngo
  • Semi-Detached - Pencil on paper by Tome Ngo

Checkout selection of his works >

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