Arthur J. Pulos (1917- 1993) American industrial designer and educator

American Design Adventure cover by Arthur Pulos
American Design Adventure cover by Arthur Pulos

Arthur Pulos (1917 – 1993) was a well-known design teacher, promoter, and industrial designer. Arthur Pulos was renowned for his writings, lectures in developed and developing nations, and involvement with important organizations like the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID).


After graduating from the Carnegie Institute of Technology in 1939, he went on to the University of Oregon to pursue a Masters in Fine Art, which he completed in 1943. He was professor and dean of Syracuse University’s Design Department from 1955 to 1982 and president of Pulos Design Associates (1955–88).


The American Design Ethic: A History of Industrial Design to 1940 (1983) and The American Design Adventure: 1940–1975 are two of his most well-known works on design in the United States (1988). From assisting Colonial Williamsburg in 1953 to serving as a juror for the International Design Awards in Osaka in 1983, his consulting work has been diverse (see Japan Design Foundation). Instruments for Welch Allyn, power tools for Rockwell, and dictation machines for Dictaphone were among his creations.

Silverware designed by Arthur Pulos
Silverware designed by Arthur Pulos


He was named a Distinguished Designer Fellow of the National Endowment (1984), received the 1st World Design Award at the World Design Conference in New York (1988), and the 7th International Design Award from the International Design Festival in Osaka in 1993, in addition to his presidency of ICSID from 1981 to 1983.


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