Pukebergs Glassworks – Swedish Glass Factory

Pukebergs Glasbruk featured image
Pukebergs Glasbruk featured image

Pukebergs Glassworks is a glassworks in Nybro, Sweden. Glassblowing specialists from the glassworks in Kosta CW Nyström and JE Lindberg started the mill in 1871. They acquired land from Jonas Bergstrand, a farmer from Madesjö parish, who owned the land at Pukeberg.

  • Rare Swedish Crystal Votive Candle Holders (Set of 2) - Pukeberg Glasbruk - ca. 1966
  • Staffan Gellerstadt for Pukeberg Glassworks - 5 "Festivo" design candle holders

Nyström eventually acquired sole ownership of the glassworks. When Nyström had to declare bankruptcy in 1894, it was purchased by Arvid Böhlmarks Lampfabrik in Stockholm, which had been the mill’s primary customer for many years. After a fire in 1893, a new building was erected with modern equipment. In the 1890s, the mill grew to be one of the country’s major glassworks, employing over 100 people. During the years 1905–1930, while the engineer Erik Löthner was in charge, there was a further development with substantial exports. In 1913, a new glass works was constructed.

Pukeberg’s first products were primarily bottles and home glass. After that, chimneys, lamp domes, and oil burners for kerosene lights and other decorative glassware were produced, and Böhlmark made a lot of money. Pressed glass was also made early on (plates, plates, bowls, drinking glasses, wine glasses, sugar and cream bowls, and candlesticks).


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