Group of Ten (est. 1970) design collective promoting creative individuality

Group of Ten Swedish design collective

The Group of Ten (Tio-Gruppen) was established in 1970. Gunila AxΓ©n, BrittMarie Christofferson, Carl Johan De Geer, Susanne Grundell, Lotta Hagerman, Birgitta Hahn, Ingela Hakansson, Tom Hedqvist, Tage MΓΌler, and Inez Svensson established the TIO Gruppen a Swedish design collective, which mirrored a renaissance of interest in handicrafts.

Because its members had previous careers in the textile industry, they wanted to be free to promote their creative ideas. As a result, they have exhibited printed textiles in New York, Paris, and elsewhere and opened a permanent Stockholm location that houses a printed textile showroom/shop. Their work was characterised by large scale, brightly coloured patterns.


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