Abstract Geometric Bauhaus Prints Bauhaus Wall Art

Abstract Geometric Bauhaus Prints

Brand: Wallbuddy

When you purchase this item, you get all four prints shown in the main photo. All of our prints are created by a process called Giclรฉe (a French word for โ€œsprayโ€™). The inks used in this process have a much higher resistance to fading than regular printing inks, which makes this kind of printing particularly suitable for prints being used in wall decor.

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Brand: Ling 88 The Bauhaus exhibition of 1923 was the first public presentation of the Bauhaus art movement founded as an art school in 1919. From August 15 to September 30, 1923, it took place at three locations in Weimar and showed works created at the Bauhaus.

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When turning to a design movement for inspiration, Bauhaus is always top of the list. Since its foundations in Weimar at the end of the first World War, to its ‘official’ end in Berlin 1933, Bauhaus has continued to impact design. Alfredo Simonit is an Italian designer.

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