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Careful Color Considerations Transformed Leah Ring’s Los Angeles Apartment

For years, interiors and furniture designer Leah Ring, the talent behind Another Human, lived and worked out of a two-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles’s Atwater Village neighborhood. She didn’t have any roommates.

In Rome, an Apartment Rich in Color and History Opens to the Public

One of the leading figures of Italian Futurism, Giacomo Balla turned his home into proof of his idea that art should live in all things. ON A SPRING evening in Rome, the filmmaking duo Ila Bรชka and Louise Lemoine entered Casa Balla, the former apartment of the early 20th-century artist Giacomo Balla, with flashlights in hand.

Interior design ideas for small bedroom space

Having a small room at home might be somehow disappointing. Instead of having a free-looking space for your bedroom, you just end up in a seemingly claustrophobic four-walled room and everything seems just too close to each other. Photo by form PxHere Given this time of pandemic where you are always in your home mindlessly scrolling through […]

Vinyl flooring for kitchens – 14 floor ideas we can’t believe are vinyl

Looking for great looking vinyl flooring for kitchens? It’s easy to see why you might be considering a vinyl kitchen floor. It’s affordable, easy-to-install, and you can create so many different looks. Kitchen flooring ideas are endless …

5 Tips for Creating a Mid-Century Modern Interior Design Style – TheNationRoar

It is one of the most iconic styles that originated in America in the middle of the 20th century. It gave origin to many art styles and directions popular today. The 1950s were the time of change that was directly reflected in the design. People wanted something new after the recently ended World War II.

Vitra launches Club Office an alternative to the open-plan office

Dezeen promotion: Swiss furniture brand has created a workspace called the Club Office that aims to reinvent the as a collaborative environment focused on the emerging needs of post-pandemic work. Installed at Vitra’s headquarters in Birsfelden near Basel, the Club Office was developed for Vitra’s research and design team and responds to the unprecedented changes that have unfolded in the world of work in the last fifteen months.

Every Room in This New York Vacation Home Has a View of the Water

Standing in his clients’ breezy, three-story Water Mill, New York, home feels “a little bit like floating,” says architect and designer David Mann. This is partly because the structure’s main living spaces (including the living room, kitchen, dining room, deck, and even the pool) are located on the second floor, one up from the lower level.

The new American status symbol: A backyard that’s basically a fancy living room

BRANCHBURG, N.J. – Bill Paliouras dreamed of a backyard Eden. Not your garden-variety deck with stackable plastic chairs and a kettle charcoal grill – why settle for that? – but a loaded, supersize, decked-out deck with an outdoor living room, dining area, 54-inch grill, full kitchen, bar, two-draft kegerator, oversize island, massive weatherproof television, elaborate sound system and semicircular fire lounge.

Ferrari Brings Back Its Legendary Trattoria With Chef Massimo Bottura

Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the Ferrari sports car brand and Formula 1 racing team, was a disciplined man who liked his routines. The former race car driver turned Italian industrialist rarely left his home region of Emilia-Romagna.

How to style your London garden, terrace or balcony | Interiors | House

Spring has well and truly sprung, straight into summer, and sitting outside is now the best option (not just the only one). We’re filling our diaries with al fresco drinks, dinner parties and long-awaited milestone celebrations with friends and family, and what a joy that will be this summer when – we hope – social distancing becomes a thing of the past.

Home Tour: A Geneva Apartment Full Of Historic Details and Modern Art

Sign up for our newsletters to get all our top stories delivered. You’ve Successfully Subscribed “We wanted to get back the original soul of the house that had been lost in the last refurbishment thirty years ago,” says the designer. Neutral white, grey and cream tones provide a fitting backdrop for splashes of colour from artworks and furnishings.

News: Classic Design | Auctions | Architecture | Exhibitions | Furniture |Interior Design | Product Design |

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