Arno Malinowki (1899 – 1976) Danish sculptor and metalworker

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Set of three silver brooches by Arno Malinowski

Specialised in jewellery and hollowware

Arno Malinowski (1899-1976) was a sculptor and metalworker from Denmark. 


From 1922 to 1935, he studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. 


From 1921 to 1935, he developed a series of mythological figurines for the Royal Danish Porcelain Manufactory. From 1936 to 1944, and again from 1949 to 1965, he created jewellery and hollowware designs for Georg Jensen. 

His jewellery designs of a kneeling deer, a dolphin in the rushes, and butterflies on a flower, which he created in 1937, were produced for many years. In 1940, he created the ‘Kingmark’ to commemorate King Christian’s seventieth birthday. It was mass-produced and worn by Danes to demonstrate their allegiance to Denmark and opposition to the German occupation. 

Brooch designed by Arno Malinowski

Malinowski had also studied the Japanese method of inlaying gold or silver onto iron sword guards in the style of tsuba. During the war years, when silver was scarce, he created items of jewellery out of iron rather than silver. Worked as a sculptor, ceramist, engraver, and medalist, among other things.


At the 1925 Paris ‘Exposition Internationale des Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes,’ he got a silver medal, as well as the 1933 Eckersberg Medal.


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