6 Amazing Books for the Ceramics Lover

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Ceramics - terracotta pots stacked
Ceramics – terracotta pots stacked

Novice to Expert

The following 6 books are our latest offerings on Ceramics and Pottery. Everything that will satisfy the novice to the expert. Our blog has focused recently on British Studio pottery and ceramics and we have 3 books that explore the enormous canon of British ceramic collections.

Amazing Glaze: Techniques, Recipes, Finishing, and Firing (Mastering Ceramics) – Encyclopedia of Design

by Gabriel Kline Whether you relish the prospect of glazing your work or exclaim, “I despise glazing!” It’s for you, Amazing Glaze. Gabriel Kline, author and proprietor of Odyssey Clayworks, will take you on a trip that will make glazing less frightening and more enjoyable.

Chinese Ceramics: Highlights of the Sir Percival David Collection – Encyclopedia of Design

by Regina Krahl (Author), Jessica Harrison-Hall (Author) Outside of Asia, Sir Percival David amassed one of the best collections of Chinese ceramics. Many imperial-quality artifacts are included, including stunning specimens of highly rare Ru and guan ceramics, as well as the famed David vases.

Ceramics: 400 Years of British Collecting in 100 Masterpieces – Encyclopedia of Design

by Patricia F. Ferguson (Author) Winner of the 2017 American Ceramics Circle Book of the Year Award The purpose of this publication is to introduce the rich and diverse ceramics in the National Trust’s enormous and encyclopedic collection, which contains around 75,000 objects and is kept in 250 historic houses in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

British Ceramics, 1675-1825: The Mint Museum (hardcover) – Encyclopedia of Design

by Brian Gallagher (Contributor), Pat Halfpenny With over two thousand objects, the Mint Museum’s collection of British ceramics is one of the best and most extensive in the United States. It includes items from all major manufacturing centres, including Wedgwood, Chelsea, Worcester, and Staffordshire.

Things of Beauty Growing: British Studio Pottery (hardcover) – Encyclopedia of Design

by Glenn Adamson (Editor, Contributor), Martina Droth (Editor), Simon Olding (Editor, Contributor) and more… British potters have revitalized traditional ceramic forms for nearly a century by creating or reinventing techniques, materials, and display methods. Things of Beauty Growing delves into the primary vessel typologies that have defined studio ceramics from the early twentieth century, such as bowls, vases, and chargers.

Practical Pottery: 40 Pottery Projects for Creating and Selling Mugs, Cups, Plates, Bowls, and More – Encyclopedia of Design

By Jon Schmidt #1 Best Selling in Pottery & Ceramics and Sculpture, as well as the #1 Most Wanted in Pottery & Ceramic Craft An introduction to the world of pottery. It’s never too late to start a new hobby, particularly with a guide like this to help you get started.

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