Jean Sala (1895 – 1976) Spanish glassmaker and designer

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Jean Sala featured image
Jean Sala featured image

Worked with Malfin Glass

Jean Sala (1895 – 1965) was a Spanish glassmaker and designer. With his glassmaker father, he arrived in Paris in 1905. He designed clear crystal vases and chandeliers for the Cristalleries de Saint-Louis while working in his father’s studio.

Jean Sala Art Deco Malfin Glass Vase
Jean Sala Art Deco Malfin Glass Vase


He was primarily taught by his glassblower father and is now regarded as one of the most accomplished Art Deco glass artists. He created a range of funny, spontaneous designs from his little atelier on the Left Bank, which usually included a simple form and applied ornamental embellishments. In contrast to his contemporaries’ sophisticated work, Sala’s creations made use of the textural aspects of malfin glass, a coarse substance loaded with bubbles and imperfections. Sala displayed his work in several notable Paris galleries, including Galerie Georges Petit and Rouard, and at the significant yearly salons of the time, such as the Salon d’Automne and the Sociรฉtรฉ des Artistes Dรฉcorateurs. Antoine Bourdelle and Marcel Sandoz, two sculptors, were among his acquaintances, and he occasionally cast pieces in glass by them.

Blue Fish in Glass by Jean Sala
Blue Fish in Glass by Jean Sala

In c1953, he moved away from glassmaking and into the antiquities business.


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