Elizabeth Peacock (1880 – 1969) British textile designer

Dartington Hall Banners
Dartington Hall Banners

Known for 8 Banners

Elizabeth Peacock (1880 – 1969) was a British textile designer and teacher.


Elizabeth was the youngest of three children born in Staffordshire. Her formal artistic training began in 1900 when she took private lessons from Mr Whitely of the Birmingham School of Art.


Peacock began weaving with Ethel Mairet in 1917. She opened her workshop in 1922 and co-founded the Guild of Weavers, Spinners, and Dyers in 1931. She was best known for the eight banners commissioned by Leonard and Dorothy Elmhirst for the Great Hall in Dartington between 1934 and 1938. She was a spinner, dyer, and weaver and an outstanding teacher from 1940 until 1957.

Hand-woven stole designed by Elizabeth Peacock
Hand-woven stole designed by Elizabeth Peacock made from cream, grey and brown eri silk, plain weave, weft stripes, large inlay motif in border, fringed ends.

Her work was featured in a 1970 “Memorial Exhibition” at West Surrey College of Art and Design and a 1979 exhibition at the Bath Crafts Study Centre. Two of her Dartington Hall banners were exhibited in the Hayward Gallery’s ‘Thirties’ exhibition in London in 1979—80.


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