Habit Tracker Calendar by Panda Planner

Material Gold foil
Format Complete
Colour Gold – Full Year
Brand Panda Planner
Item Weight 0.3 Pounds
Binding Unknown Binding

About this item

  • FIRST OF ITS KIND – Panda Planner invented the scratch-off habit tracker.
  • KEEP THE STREAK GOING – Every day you complete your habit, scratch off the gold foil to reveal the blue circle underneath.
  • SCIENTIFIC APPROACH TO SUCCESS – Research shows us that a habit loop starts with a visual cue (reminder), which leads to the routine (habit), and ends with the reward. This poster is the cue, and the prize is scratching off today’s date!
  • HABITS & CHORES JUST GOT EASIER – The visual giant calendar reminder holds you accountable so you can finally stick to your new practice of meditation, yoga, working out, flossing, learning a language, whatever!
  • TESTED and PROVEN: “I created this poster because I suck at sticking to habits. With this on my wall in my room, I finally started being consistent with a daily exercise habit! Try it yourself and then tell me what you accomplish with it!” -Mike (creator of this thing)
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