How to Cook Book (Hardcover)

Think you can cook – or do you think you can’t? Either way, this book is for you.

by Annie Bell

Do you believe you can cook, or do you think you can’t? This book is for you in any case. It appeals to cooks of all ages and levels of skill, with vital everyday recipes accompanied by hints and recommendations. From typical fare like Spaghetti Bolognese and Apple Pie to trendy favourites like Tex Mex Fajitas and Peking-Style Duck with Hoisin Sauce, no recipe is judged too easy. There are also helpful tips on how to equip and organise your kitchen.

How to Cook Book – Regain Confidence

How to Cook Book stands out as an excellent stand-alone cookbook that will keep you coming back again and again. Much more than a collection of recipes, the book aims to give the reader the confidence and the tools they need to be independent. After 30 years of cooking professionally, Annie Bell knows which recipes work and which ones don’t. In this volume, she has assembled her core repertoire of dishes that she would choose to hand down to her children to see them through life. But this is also an indispensable guide for the more experienced cook, with all the essentials in one volume, along with lots of up-to-date alternatives and ideas that reflect Annie’s personal style of cooking.

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