Caricaturist Illustrates – What’s Wrong With Today’s Society

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Gerhard Haderer is an Austrian caricaturist whose art depicts the most significant problems in our society. It’s impossible not to be moved by his illustrations, which examine the human condition’s fundamental weaknesses, to which we can all connect!

Haderer had even gone to court over one of his works, “The Life of Jesus,” which sparked heated reactions across the country, particularly among Catholics. He was able to change the verdict a few months later, after being sentenced to a six-month ban.

Gerhard Haderer worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for advertising businesses before becoming a freelance caricaturist and satirical cartoonist. When he was diagnosed with cancer, his career took a drastic turn. Following his surgery in 1985, he decided to abandon his commercial ambitions and pursue a career as a caricaturist. To see his illustrations for yourself, scroll down.






Gerhard Haderer illustrator



Gerhard Haderer illustrator


Gerhard Haderer illustrator



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Index: abc | def | ghi | jkl | mno | pqr | stu | vwx | yz

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