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While it is useful to discuss Social Media etiquette and tweak your privacy setting to protect yourself online.  Remembering the “Golden Rule” is a universal principle of communication, whether online or face to face, that will provide all the universal protection that one needs.  I am not particularly religious, but the ‘Golden Rule”‘ epitomises the wisdom of the ages. The ‘Golden Rule’ can be found within the laws of most cultures and the moral codes of most religions.  It is universal in its application.  It knows no race, sexual preference, gender.  It is another way of saying put yourself in another person’s shoes.

Golden Rule: One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself

The ‘Golden Rule’ should be considered a guiding principle when deciding how to behave online.

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Develops Self Control

To practice the ‘Golden Rule’ is an act of respect for ourselves and others.  In the Social Media age, to honour this principle requires a terrific amount of self-control. When you are online, avoid saying anything about another person that you would not be prepared to say face to face. Once this challenge is overcome, and the first selfish pang over our real enjoyment comes.

Develops Optimism

Optimism inspired the Golden Rule and teaches us that optimism is self-fulfilling.  We all need help at times, and if we practice helping others, we will be amply rewarded. The optimist goes about their daily task cheerfully.  Responsibility and self-discipline seem a pleasure.

Good for Business

The setting of our complex, technological world we need today is the Golden Rule.  Our social media worlds, whether our preference is Facebook or Linkedin, Pinterest, Whatsapp, are communities.  What is the Golden Rule?  Simply be a good neighbour.    Why should not our online lives be done in a perfectly open, honourable and respectful manner?

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