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nortstudio sidetables

Funky side tables

These side tables are the outcome of an acrylic resin experiment. Acrylic is a two-part substance made up of mineral powder and water-based acrylic resin. These are bonded together in a robust substance. It’s possible to mould and process the material. The liquid acrylic can be coloured with colours. The application of the pigment must be made with extreme caution and precision. Only the pigments red, yellow, blue, green, and ocher were used to create the colours of these side tables. In any of the blended colours, we never utilised black. As a result, the colours remain bright and vibrant. A more vivid and warm palette is combined with neutral and pastel tones. The tables were also subjected to a set of ‘rules.’ The tabletop is a square with the same thickness as the table legs. Each table is supported by three pieces, two rectangular but has varied thicknesses and diameters. Each has a unique form or structure. The whole thing is a kaleidoscope of graphic motifs and colour. A two-dimensional graphic composition is converted into a three-dimensional object.


Nortstudio wasย founded by Jef De Brabander and Kathleen Opdenacker in 2016. Their studio and workshop is based in Antwerp.

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