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Neon Lighting Dictionary term
Neon Lighting Dictionary term

Design Dictionary term

Neon Lighting. Semiflexible, hollow tubes of clear acrylic with small bulbs inside that can be connected to light up all at once or sequentially to produce a “chasing” effect. It’s also known as disco lighting, and it’s given homeowners new illumination alternatives. Lights designers consider neon lighting to be an art form.

be brilliant neon light
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Metalarte is a lighting company based in Spain. The Riera family owns Metalarte. In the 1960s, the company began producing a Modern line of lighting alongside its historicist turned-brass models. The 1975 Calder halogen swivel table lamp by Enric Franch was an exception to a return to conservative production.

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Eclipse is a minimalist lighting collection created by London-based designer Lee Broom. One of four new lighting collections to be launched during Salone del Mobile (2018) in the new exhibition – OBSERVATORY (Repost). Ninety-degree rotation of chrome and acrylic discs supported by a mirror-polished base angles light distribution and reveals numerous silhouettes.

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