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Peter Raacke metalworker
Peter Raacke metalworker

German metalworker and designer Peter Raacke (b. 1928).


He studied enamelwork, gold and silversmithing, and metalworking and glassware design at the Staatliche Zeichenakedemie in Hanau and metalworking and glassware design at the Werkschule in Cologne.


Hessische Metallwerke commissioned Raacke to produce metal cutlery, kitchen equipment, and cookware, most notably his “Mono-a” line (v-33), with silverware available in stainless steel and sterling silver. He also designed a line of cardboard furniture, the “Papp” series (1967), which included hexagonal-format modular seats, tables, and storage units, as well as stacking easy chairs (ill-69) made by Faltmobel Ellen Raacke using highly automated methods.

mono-Ring Flatware 1966 designed by Peter Raacke
mono-Ring Flatware 1966 designed by Peter Raacke


His work was featured at the Gewerbemuseum in Nuremberg’s ‘Gold und Silber, Schmuck und Gerรคt’ exhibition in 1971. Mono-a flatware was awarded the Bundespreis ‘Die gute Industrieform’ in 1973.


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