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Lampshade 1 by Sebastian Bergne
Lampshade 1 by Sebastian Bergne

Reductionist Designs of Sebastian Bergne

Sebastian Bergne’s minimalist designs, including furniture, lamps, and table accessories, are among the most attractive to appear in recent years. The phrase ‘less is more’ perfectly encapsulates the core of these works, the quality of which can only be attained by a proper understanding of form.

Bergne, who was born in Tehran and moved to London after graduating from the Royal College of Art, exemplifies the English capital city’s multiculturalism and new conceptualism. His Lampshade 1 turns a standard lightbulb into a fascinating device that serves as a reflector and a light-focusing shade. Table lamps, in the literal sense, Nipotino, Zia, and Z/o (for Luceplan) are table lamps because the tabletop also serves as a lampshade – an idea so basic that it takes a genius to think of it. Kult is a line of table decorations designed for WMF. It contains miniature, meticulously crafted table sculptures that make a powerful impression due to their formal restraint. The Slot armchair, with its narrow bent frame, is similar. Bergne has also designed attractive packaging for De Beers, including the compact, rhomboid jewellery boxes he devised.


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