Credenza – Simple and Understated Storage

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Rhys Cooper, an Australian designer, created Credenza, a minimalist credenza. The Credenza is a simple, modest storage solution with minimally designed cabinetry construction and a solid wood display surface. Rhys founded his studio in 2016 and worked with local Australian industry and artisans to use various high-quality materials and procedures. Rhys is inspired to create dynamic and unique work that balances creative integrity and commercial viability. His body of work aims to elicit a response and initiate a new discussion.

Source: Credenza

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  • Credenza – Simple and Understated Storage

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    Rhys Cooper, an Australian designer, created Credenza, a minimalist credenza. The Credenza is a simple, modest storage solution with minimally designed cabinetry construction and a solid wood display surface.Read More →

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