Johan Rohde (1856 – 1935) Danish Architect, Metalworker & Designer

Cosmos pattern waste bowl (1915) designed by Johan Rohde
Cosmos pattern waste bowl (1915) designed by Johan Rohde

Johan Gudmann Rohde (1856 – 1935) was a Danish painter, lithographer and designer. Den Frie Udstilling, founded in 1891 to allow artists to show works that did not meet the Academy’s selection criteria, was named after him.

Early Life

He was born in Randers, where he graduated from grammar school in 1875 and studied medicine before turning to art and painting. In 1882, he enrolled in the Academy after studying privately with Wenzel Torne. He studied under Laurits Tuxen and P.S.Kryer (1883–1886) at the newly formed Kunstnernes Studieskole (Students’ School of Study). He departed with a group of other students less than a year later, dissatisfied with the institution’s inability to incorporate new trends.


Rohde first exhibited at Charlottenborg’s spring exhibition in 1888 with an everyday scene: En Beværtningshave i Udkanten af København (A Tavern Garden on the Outskirts of Copenhagen). When his paintings, along with those of Vilhelm Hammershi, Fritz Syberg, Joakim Skovgaard, and Julius Paulsen, were later rejected by the Academy, he and Rasmus Christiansen organised an exhibition of rejected works in their studio in 1888. He founded Den Frie Udstilling in 1890 alongside J.F. Willumsen, Hammershi, Harald and Agnes Slott-Mller, and Christian Mourier-Petersen, where he showed throughout his life.

Rohde travelled extensively, showing his work and playing an essential part in the development of Danish art until 1914 by monitoring news trends, forging new contacts, and writing carefully crafted articles for Danish newspapers. He had an eye for valuable paintings, purchasing a Van Gogh painting in Paris in 1892 (now in the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek). In 1893, he also organised a Van Gogh show in Den Frie. His works from the 1890s, mainly his portraits, are influenced by Symbolism.

With his high-quality silver designs (for Georg Jensen and furniture in both classical and Japanese styles), Rohde played an essential role in the development of Danish artisanship.

Rohde received the Thorvaldsen Medal in 1934.


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