Federico Babina-designed posters get essence of famous directors ❤️

Can you name all of the movie allusions in this project? It’s general knowledge that filmmakers draw on their own experiences to create their work. Still, Federico Babina employed portraiture to remake them. The Italian artist delicately pokes fun at our favourite directors in this series of cartoonish movie posters, drawing caricatures out of key plot components from their films. These movie posters portray our favourite directors in their natural light.

federico babina film posters
all images by federico babina

Babina creates Stanley Kubrick’s nose with an axe for ‘DIRECTPORTRAIT’ (for those unfamiliar, this is a prop from ‘The Shining’). His eye is painted to look like the cover of ‘A Clockwork Orange,’ and his coat is ornamented with the bomb from ‘Dr. Strangelove,’ with Hal’s red eye serving as a suit button. George Lucas, on the other hand, has the body of a haunted house filled with murder weapons from his dark films, while Alfred Hitchcock has the body of a haunted house littered with murder weapons from his dark flicks. Wes Anderson has the tent from ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ as a suit, which he would undoubtedly wear in army green.

federico babina film posters

These filmmakers have become so linked with their works that it’s difficult to think about them without thinking of the creator. As a result, putting them together with their own stories and plot elements is a brilliant tribute. Babina sees it all as a creative exercise in which he creates new meaning out of shapes and famous features.

federico babina film posters
federico babina film posters
federico babina film posters
federico babina film posters
federico babina film posters
federico babina film posters
federico babina film posters
federico babina film posters
federico babina film posters
federico babina film posters
federico babina film posters
federico babina film posters
federico babina film posters

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