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Lighting a candle, reading a good book, enjoying something ‚Äď or someone ‚Äď warm. We think this is how to enjoy a moment of cosiness.

Skandinavisk Candles celebrate the uniqueness & diversity of Scandinavia. Made from a blend of perfume and vegetable wax with a 100% cotton wick & engraved beechwood lid & hand-poured into a painted glass vessel.

If you appreciate Scandinavian Design check out the following;

  • Nanna Ditzel (1923 – 2005) Danish architect and furniture designer

    Nanny Ditzel and husband

    Nanna Ditzel, a leading Danish 20th-century designer, had also worked in furniture, textiles and jewellery design for many decades and has been one of the few women designers in the country to achieve celebrity status.Read More →

  • Perttu Mentula (b.1936) Finnish architect & Interior Designers

    Perttu Mentula (b.1936) was a Finnish architect and interior, exhibition, product, graphic, and furniture designer.Read More →

  • Borje Rajalin (b.1933) Finnish Jewellery Designer

    Borje Rajalin featured image

    Borje Rajalin is a Finnish Jewellery Designer. Rajalin worked at Bertel Gardberg’s silversmith from 1952 – 1956.¬† His design work included technical equipment, plastic fittings, cutlery, stainless steel table and cookware and with Anti Nurmesniemi in 1972 a train for the Helsinki Railway.¬† They collaborated with station designers to make the metro stations modern and chic.¬† Rajalin produced silver designs for Bertel Gardberg and jewellery for Kalevala Koru.¬† He taught at Taideeteollinen Oppilaitos and was the director of Taidetelinen Ammattikoulu in Helsinki.Read More →

  • Eero Aarnio (b. 1932 ) Finnish interior and industrial designer

    Eero Aarnio grayscale

    Finnish designer Eero Aarnio (b. 1932) is a great innovator of twentieth-century furniture. His plastic chairs from the 1960s are pop culture icons that continue to be in demand, which is why Aarnio Originals began manufacturing them again in 2017 after launching at the Stockholm Furniture Fair.Read More →

  • Stefan Lindfors – Finnish industrial & interior designer, film director

    Scaragoo Lamp featured image

    Stefan Lindfors is a Finnish industrial designer, interior designer, film director, and sculptor. In 1982, he graduated from the √Öbo Cathedral School in Turku. He went on to study architecture at the University of Art and Design Helsinki, where he graduated in 1988.Read More →

  • Benny Anette Motzfeldt (1909-1995) Norwegian graphic artist, designer

    Benny Motzfeldt (1909-95), vases for Randsfjord and Plus

    Motzfeldt is best known for her glass creations. Her work is on show at the National Museum of Art, Architecture, and Design in Oslo, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Kunstindustrimuseum in Copenhagen, the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, and the Frauenau Glass Museum in Germany (donation Wolfgang Kermer).¬†Read More →

  • Louis Sparre (1866 – 1964) Swedish furniture designer

    A pair of chairs designed by Louis Sparre

    He was born in Gravellona Lomellina, Italy. He was the son of Pehr Ambj√∂rn Sparre af S√∂fdeborg (1828‚Äď1921) and Teresita Ad√®le Josefa Gaetana Barbavara (1844‚Äď1867). His father had served as head of the banknote printing company for the Sveriges Riksbank. He spent his early childhood with his mother at Villa Teresita in Gravellona while his father was often on business trips.Read More →

  • Skandinavisk Scented Candles

    Lighting a candle, reading a good book, enjoying something ‚Äď or someone ‚Äď warm. We think this is how to enjoy a moment of cosiness.Read More →

  • Willy Johansson (1921- 1993) Norwegian Glass Designer

    Willy Johansson Glassware

    His father was at the Hadelands Glassverk, Jevnaker, where Johansson joined the glassmaking workshop in 1936. He was best known for the white rim on his clear or smoked glassware.Read More →

  • Dan Svarth ( b.1942) – Danish furniture designer

    Dan Svarth featured image

    Dan Svarth is a Danish designer. He studied at the Kunsth√•ndvr√¶rkerskolen, Copenhagen, to 1967, furniture design, Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi, to 1969. Read More →

  • A Scandinavian Lakeside Cabin in Warm Ochre and Neutral Hues

    I’m sure you know (I do talk about it ad nauseam after all – bahRead More →

  • 30 Wonderful Color Photos of Norway in the 1960s

    Vintage Travel postcard Norway featured image

    A delightful set of photo postcards made in Norway in the 1960s. Wonderfully, nearly all the cards in the set include a cheerful red car (of various makes), merrily making its way through the Norwegian countryside. The postcards thus evoke a series of personal snapshots of one person’s road-trip.Read More →

  • Poul Kj√¶rholm (1929 -1980) Danish designer

    Poul Kjærholm (1929 -1980) Danish designer

    Poul Kj√¶rholm (1929 ‚Äď 1980) was a Danish designer. Kj√¶rholm was born in √ėstervr, Denmark, and started his career as a cabinetmaker’s apprentice with Gronbech in 1948 before attending the Danish School of Arts and Crafts Copenhagen in 1952. Read More →

  • Sourcebook of Scandinavian Furniture: Designs for the Twenty-First Century Paperback

    Sourcebook of Scandinavian Design featured image

    Sourcebook of Scandinavian Furniture: Designs for the Twenty-First Century  By Judith Gura With more thanRead More →

  • Svenskt Tenn celebrated Swedish Design Company

    Estrid Ericson featured image

    This celebrated Swedish design company and store was launched in Stockholm in 1924 by designer and entrepreneur Estrid Ericson and pewter designer Nils Fougstedt and, through its long‚Äźstanding success in the export market, did much to promote Scandinavian design abroad. Read More →

  • Leif Erik Rasmussen Danish architect and furniture designer

    Leif Erik Rasmussen

    Leif Erik Rasmussen is a Danish architect and furniture designer. He studied furniture design at Kunsth√•ndv√¶rkersklen, Copenhagen to 1968.Read More →

  • Orrefors Glasbruk a Swedish glassware manufacturer.

    Orrefors glass making

    Orrefors Glasbruk is a Swedish glassware manufacturer. An ironworks was established in 1726 on the property of Halleberg ( the Orrefors estate), Socken, Sm√•land. Read More →

  • Peter Opsvik Norwegian furniture designer – ergonomic chairs

    Peter Opsvik chairs

    Peter Opsvik is a Norwegian furniture designer. In the 1960s, studied ergonomics under Ulrich Burandt and in design schools in Bergen and Oslo. In the 1970s, in Britain and Volkwangschule filr Kunstgewerbe, Essen. 1965-70, he was a designer at the Tandberg Radio Factory.Read More →

  • Gunilla Jung Finnish silversmith and lighting designer

    Gunilla Jung glass and lighting

    Gunilla Jung was a glass and lighting artist and Silversmith. She designed glassware for Karhula (later Iittala) in the 1930s at the Institute of Applied Arts in Helsinki. Maybe best known for her pioneering lighting projects, such as in Helsinki’s Savoy Theatre. Taito created her first silver designs and, later in the 1930s, others by Viri and Kultasepp√§t. She worked with Frans Nyk√§nen, who at varying times was a director at both silversmithies.Read More →

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