Northern Lights – colour palette

Imagine looking up and seeing bright colourful streams of light.  These waves of coloured light in the north are called the aurora borealis or the northern lights. Northern lights are a result of the collision of gaseous particles in the Earth’s atmosphere.   The auroras usually consist of blue-green light, although sometimes the light is pink-purple or red. Aurora Borealis is Latin for “northern dawn.” Auroras can be giant light shows stretching for thousands of kilometres up and down the sky. This palette I created from the deep and cosmic colours of a photo taken in Estonia. I have called it Aurora.

Fantastic light show

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Aurora Borealis: The Magnificent Northern Lights 2022

by BrownTrout Publishers

Aurora Borealis: The Magnificent Northern Lights 2022
Aurora Borealis: The Magnificent Northern Lights 2022

Ancient legends say the Northern Lights appear when the sky-dwellers light torches to guide souls to the heavens. Others say they’re animal or human spirits dancing or playing. Today we know the Aurora Borealis occurs when charged particles emanating from the sun interact with the Earth’s magnetic field. Still, we remain fascinated by these shimmering curtains of light. The Aurora Borealis: The Magnificent Northern Lights square wall calendar captures this breathtaking phenomenon with stunning photos, allowing you a fresh glimpse each month of brilliant displays of color and movement.

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  • Northern Lights – colour palette

    Northern lights are a result of the collision of gaseous particles in the Earth’s atmosphere.  This palette I created from the deep and cosmic colours of a photo taken in Estonia. I have called it Aurora.Read More →

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