A Century of Women Designers Who Helped Shape Our Lives

It’s not your usual teapot. Modern, minimal, and functional, the silver and ebony kettle is all smooth curves and sleek lines. But despite its polished finish, the 1925 piece was made entirely by (a woman’s) hand. As a student at the Bauhaus, Marianne Brandt studied with Josef Albers, Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, and László Moholy-Nagy.

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  • Josef Albers (1888 – 1976) – German painter, designer, theoretician, and teacher

    Josef Albers

    Josef Albers believed Art, he felt, is seeing, and he believed that his contemporaries had not done a good job of this.Read More →

  • A Century of Women Designers Who Helped Shape Our Lives

    Marianne Brandt featured image

    Brandt is one of over 200 women product designers from more than 50 countries featured in Woman Made: Great Women Designers (Phaidon) by Jane Hall. The author’s wide lens covers the stories of iconic trailblazers and now-forgotten figures alike, and each designer is presented with one of their seminal works accompanied by a short text about their career and life.Read More →

  • The Bauhaus school of design inspires the shapes of these vases!

    Bauhaus inspired vases

    Finding the perfect vase for flowers is sometimes the most fun when arranging bouquets. Bunchier flowers deserve a bulkier, more bulbous vase. While more delicate flower arrangements could use a skinny, minimalist vase. You know the right vase when you see it.Read More →

  • Bauhaus Color Theory (Sensational Color)

    Bauhaus Colour

    BAUHAUS COLOR THEORY We think of color as transcendent – a language of sorts that signifies independent of cultural differences, time period, or aesthetic movement. Color is a powerful tool that permits designers to influence mood, compose spaces, and even make profound statements.Read More →

  • Dessau School of Architecture — Next to Bauhaus — Dessau, Germany

    “Next to Bauhaus” by the Dessau School of Architecture is the first in a plannedRead More →

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