Midcentury Modern: 15 Interior Design Ideas

Midcentury Modern: 15 Interior Design Ideas

by I. Ngeow (Author)

This concise and straightforward interior design handbook will help you master the principles of midcentury modern design.

Do you appreciate rich, vibrant, timeless design? Do you have a limited budget and want to start a new project based on this popular trend? Are you eager to learn how to achieve the midcentury modern look in your home, hotel, or motel?

Ivy Ngeow has been an architect and interior designer for over 26 years, and she founded her firm in 2001. She has been an award-winning author who worked as an architecture and interiors columnist for Wimbledon Time and Leisure magazine in London for seven years. Her experience includes “vacation homes” in the Hamptons, Caribbean resorts, Gleneagles Golf and Spa Resort, Claridges, and boutique hotels in Havana and Penang, both of which are UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Ivy is now ready to reveal some of her best-kept interior design secrets to you. Ivy, inspired by iconic cultural references such as Queen’s Gambit, Twin Peaks, Vegas, and Hitchcock, will inspire you in your own midcentury modern interior design project, no matter how big or small.

Midcentury Modern: 15 Interior Design Ideas is a concise style guide that will provide you with instant ideas and know-how, saving you research, time, and money and allowing you to create rooms with maximum impact with minimal fuss. There are 15 easy-to-read, illustrated ideas inside to help you quickly and efficiently conceptualize room designs.

Midcentury Modern: 15 Interior Design Ideas contains the following information:

  • 15 key ideas, each illustrated with a scene from the Queen’s Gambit to provide a succinct overview;
  • A brief history is provided to explain the behind-the-scenes midcentury concept.
  • Recommendations to help you navigate the maze of mix-and-match design elements;
  • Colour palettes, furniture, lighting, wall and floor finishes, and decorations descriptions to help you style any room, new or old;
  • HOT TIP in each chapter to amp up any design and add a professional touch;
  • BONUS: Three classic easy celebratory cocktail recipes to quench your thirst like the Queen.

Midcentury Modern is your one-stop shop for learning how to interior design like the Queen’s Gambit. Ideal for beginners, designers, enthusiasts, and modernistas. You’ll enjoy Ivy’s brilliant and sassy book if you like vintage, pop culture, and modern art.

Today is the day to master midcentury modern design. Get your copy right away.

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