Propagation Station – Acorn or Avocado bulb

About this item

  • Natural materials– Made of healthy and original raw materials, glass vases made of high-quality high-borosilicate glass fully bring natural colours to the home environment and make you happy.
  • Easy to useย – Glass vases can be easily removed, cleaned, watered, planted, plants changed, dish soap and small brushes easily cleaned.
  • The small incubator is a great place to grow flowers, aquatic plants, aerial plants breeding ivy, grass, shrubs, and miniature ferns.
  • Package includesย – 1 x Wooden Stand + 3 x Glass Planter Vase, elegant and beautiful. It indirectly helps to purify indoor and outdoor air and relax.
  • Decompressorย – Our glass terrarium tabletop planter is a natural decompressor. Fresh oxygen, green plants, and colourful bouquets are the best reward for your hard work and relax your day’s stress.
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