Traditional Toolmaking: The Classic Treatise on Lapping, Threading, Precision Measurements, and General Toolmaking

Bringing together the collective wisdom of a past generation of artisans, Traditional Toolmaking provides an in-depth record of the skills and techniques that made the mass production revolution of the twentieth century possible. When first published in 1915, this book answered a vast array of tool-room problems and explained many essential toolmaking operations. It includes timeless practices as well as some personally tailored methods by master toolmakers, including how to:

  • make straight forming tools
  • grind curved surfaces
  • gauge the angle of a thread
  • re-flute worn cutters
    and much more!

With detailed descriptions of every procedure, essential mathematical rules and calculations for use in the workshop, and several illustrative figures, this book stands as an invaluable reference for those interested in practising hands-on toolmaking processes.

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