Chrysler 300: “America’s Most Powerful Car”

In 1951 Chrysler produced its first-ever V8 engine – and what an engine it was! Technically advanced and featuring hemispherical combustion chambers, the new “Hemi-Head” engine had much more power to its capacity than any of its competitors could manage.

In 1955 the new Chrysler C-300 was launched. The new model combined muscle (300 horse-power), style (by Virgil Exner) and superb handling for a large car. In its first year of production, the new C-300 would win major American stock car racing series: NASCAR and AAA.

So began the legend, and for each of the next ten years, a new 300 model, identified by a different letter of the alphabet, would appear. From C-300 to 300L, here is the full story of Chrysler’s famous 300 Letter series – “America’s Most Powerful Car.”

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