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The scope of interior design books is of unlimited appeal post-COVID-19. Around the world, we have been confined to our homes. These spaces have become vital as they encapsulate our work and personal life. The current selection of books will help you create that sacred space.

1. Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave

Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave

In Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave, Joanna Gaines walks you through how to create a home that reflects the personalities and stories of the people who live there. Using examples from her farmhouse and a range of other homes, this comprehensive guide will help you assess your priorities, instincts, and likes and dislikes with practical steps for navigating and embracing your authentic design style.

Room by room, Homebody gives you an in-depth look at how these styles are implemented and how to blend the looks you’re drawn to create spaces that feel yours distinctly. A removable design template at the back of the book offers a step-by-step guide to planning and sketching your design plans. The insight shared in Homebody will instil in you the confidence to thoughtfully create spaces you never want to leave.

2. Everything: A Maximalist Style Guide

Welcome to the ‘more is more’ world of decorating, or as it’s more commonly known, the business, Maximalism.

A style that embraces the all-out: beautiful colour palettes, luxurious textiles, patterns and embellishment.

Maximalism epitomises passion, where stripped-bare and pared-back interiors have no place. Abigail Ahern guides us through the sea change in the world of interiors as the pendulum swings away from minimalism over to our increasing desire for self-expression and optimism. Learn how to break the ‘rules’ of interior design, play fast and loose with different periods in a single room and have fun.

Maximalism allows you to dip into colour palettes and any decade or style, stirring emotions and creating a bedazzling space you’d never want to leave.

3. Bazaar Style: Decorating with market and vintage finds

Discover an exciting world of creative decorating that will make you feel comfortably at home in every room. Stylist Selina Lake and interior writer Joanna Simmons show you real homes furnished with intriguing pieces from different eras and cultures, which mix and match colours, patterns and designs. The look is so achievable because anything goes!

Simply take the things you love and create a home that is truly yours. You’ll discover an inspiring mix of vintage and retro influences, flea-market finds, and pieces inspired by a French brocante or Moroccan bazaar, which you can use to customize basic high-street buys.

The book begins by showing you how to combine the elements of the style to put the look together: Furniture & Storage, Textiles, Colour & Pattern, Lighting, Wall Art & Collectibles and Display are all considered. In the second half of the book, Rooms, find out how the style works brilliantly in Cooking & Eating Spaces, Living Spaces, Bathing Spaces, Sleeping Spaces and Outdoor Living.


4. Australian Designers at Home

Australian Designers at Home

‘The homes I’ve always been drawn to are portraits of the people who live there…’ Australian Designers at Home invites readers into the homes of 20 of the country’s leading names in interior design. Jenny Rose-Innes celebrates the designers who have inspired her, sharing their histories and houses, professional insights and practical tips on decorating. With unfettered access to their most private retreats, we see where the best of the industry express their true, unfiltered selves.

This book provides an invaluable resource for designers, decorators and interior enthusiasts. Richly illustrated throughout with stunning colour photography by Simon Griffiths, Australian Designers at Home takes readers on an intimate journey, revealing how the most influential designers decorate their houses. Find out what home means from the people who create them for a living.

5. The Foraged Home

The Foraged Home

Artful interiors are born from curiosity, creativity and imagination. Anyone can create a beautiful home by foraging and salvaging what they find. Whether a box of rusty nails or a disused armchair missing a leg, discarded objects can be restored, recycled or repurposed to fill the home with personal style. Yet, many of us fail to see a potential curtain rail in a bamboo stick or a hidden kitchen worktop in an old carpenter’s bench – let alone know where to find such objects.

Presenting the techniques and philosophies of a broad spectrum of experienced foraging homeowners, this book showcases unexpected and inspiring interiors worldwide, from an upturned boat in France to an Australian beach house. Such diverse locations each demand a different approach to foraging, and, as a result, each home has a distinct sense of style.

In an era when self-sufficiency, living off the grid and saving our planet has never been more important or appealing, The Foraged Home will provide guidance and inspiration for all those looking to go beyond the world of mass-produced flat-packs.

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