Enzo Frateili (1914 -1993) was an Italian designer born in Rome and active in Milan. He was the representative of Italian architecture and a scholar of design methodology and history.


Frateili began his professional career in 1955. In the early 50s, he worked at Stile Industrial. In 1962 he was the Italian correspondent to the journal form. His books included Archiektur und Komfort (1967) and Design e Civiltà della Machina (1969). The Instituto di Architettura e Urbanistica published his paper on the theoretical and methodological aspects of problem-solving, Universitá di Trieste. In 1963, he led a seminar, Hochschule für Gestaltung, Ulm.

He was a member of the guidance committee, ADI (Associazione per il Disegno Industriale), Milan.

In 1967, he was a member of ADI’s preselection committee, Premio Compasso d’Oro. His work included furniture and shelving systems.


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