Mona Lisa Clock – Antique of the Future

Mona Lisa Clock
Mona Lisa Clock

Converting a timeless masterpiece into a masterful timepiece

Is it possible to notice something new after seeing the same thing a thousand times?

This fantastic achievement is accomplished by the Mona Lisa Clock, which features a close-up photo of the renowned face. Because a portion of the picture is inscribed on the minute hand, you can only see the whole image at noon and midnight.

The clock created quite a stir when it was first released. Was this a respectful nod or a snarky remark? Was it about the passage of time or the absence of time? Or maybe it was just a smart and witty look at a world we take for granted much too often.

The clock is a work of art in and of itself. It was painstakingly produced using a photo-transfer process on the heavy-gauge metal. The clock was promoted as an exhibition piece and was widely featured in the press, and it went on to be a huge commercial success.


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This design entry is an excerpt from “Antiques of the Future”

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