Socialkorp is a Portuguese company with a focus in creating software solutions, but also provide services as graphic design, product design and business strategy. So they needed a new brand that conveys the whole innovative DNA of the company, something modern and minimalist.Read More →

Kotaro is a Cancun-based Japanese eatery that specialises in ramen, baos, and gyoza. It expertly integrates classic Japanese elements like finely illustrated cherry blossoms and a love of fine craftsmanship with a decidedly tropical flair appropriate for the Yucatan peninsula.Read More →

Print advertisement created by thjnk, Switzerland for Bio SuisseRead More →

Nomikai, designed by Dutch East Design, elevates rosé in a can to a whole new level. Nomikai should be the beverage of choice for your next get-together, thanks to the hard shift in hues from white to a peach gradient and the clean bursts of navy blue for the lettering and label.Read More →

Haryco Branding & Design created this wonderful botanical-inspired packaging for Curata beauty, a new green beauty brand. “We had the very pleasurable task of creating the entire branding platform and packaging solution for Curata, a sustainable luxury brand.Read More →

Gecaj Estate Vineyards and Winery is located in the best part of the old Dardania where the sun shines for 270 days a yearRead More →

Heineken 5 anos Brasil

Heineken celebrates in 2015 its fifth anniversary in Brazil and moves forward to gain the country.

The employees were asked to send the communication team their insights and suggestions, during the months of April and May.

Based on that, a ranking was set with the most suggested achievements and the visual artist Lobo, considered reference in Pop Art, was invited to illustrate them in a three-meter screen that is exhibited at the headquarters in Sao Paulo.Read More →