Rotterdam Centraal Netherlands, Lighting Design

Ulrike Brandi, a German lighting designer, has made a significant impact in the field of design with her innovative creations. From her early education in literature to studying industrial design under notable mentors, Brandi’s journey led her to become an independent consultant and lighting designer. Her notable projects include the design of a solar-powered light for Erco Leuchten and Mannesmann-DEMAG. Brandi’s exceptional designs have earned her prestigious awards, including the Design Plus competition and the Design Bourse competition. Her ability to seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality has made her a trailblazing figure in lighting design.Read More →

Sigmund Pollitzer featured image

Sigmund Pollitzer (1913 – 1983) was a painter, decorative glass designer, and writer from the United Kingdom. He was born in the city of London.Read More →

Rodney Kinsman featured image

OMK Design is a British design group. It was established in 1966 by Rodney Kinsman, Jerzy Olejnik, Bryan Morrison. They all trained at the London Central School of Arts and Crafts. The group produced its furniture, including its 1969 T5 chair.Read More →

Table & chair by Paul Bruno featured image

Bruno Paul (1874 – 1968) was a German architect, cabinetmaker, designer, and teacher. He was born in Seifhennersdorf. He studied at the Kunstgewerbeschule, Dresden, from 1886 and painting at the Akademie fur Kunst, Munich, under Paul Hocker and Wilhelm von Diez, from 1894. Read More →

Haefeli Chairs featured image

Max Ernst Haefeli (1901-1976) was a Swiss architect and designer born in Zurich. He worked in the Otto Bartning studio in Berlin between 1923-24.Read More →

Anna Leporaskaia featured image

She studied under A. Radakov at the Pskov School of Decorative Arts in 1918. From 1922, she studied under K. Petrov-Vodkin, A. Savivov, and V. Sinaiskii at the Petrograd Academy of Arts.Read More →

Massimo Morozzi featured image

He created Archizoom Associati in 1968 with Andrea Branzi, Gilberto Corretti, and Paolo Deganello, which developed industrial and architectural designs and urban planning and was a notable Italian architecture practice until 1972. Read More →

He also had a lot of success in the related fields of sculpture, painting, and graphic design. He could work with a lot of different materials, such as porcelain, iron, and plastic. Read More →

Scarf 1997 designed by Georgina Von Etzdorf

Georgina von Etzdorf is a British designer known for her exclusive prints in various media, specializing in textile, fashion, furniture, and product design. Her career took off in the 1980s, from printing designs in her parents’ garage to establishing a shop in London’s prestigious Burlington Arcade. Von Etzdorf’s training in traditional craft techniques and her individual artistic approach set her apart in the industry. Inspired by art and nature, her prints reflect a fusion of influences and a vibrant color palette. With a focus on quality over quantity, she releases a limited number of designs each year, ensuring consistently high-quality creations. Von Etzdorf’s exceptional talent has earned her recognition, even among renowned Italian designers. Her enduring success and contributions to the design world make her a true icon.Read More →

A NSU Prinz in 2007

Explore the remarkable career of Claus Luthe, an influential German automobile designer, known for his innovative contributions to iconic brands such as NSU, Audi-NSU, and BMW. Discover Luthe’s design language, including the iconic “bathtub” shape and the revolutionary wedge form, which left an indelible mark on the automotive industry. Learn about his role in shaping the visual identity of renowned marques and the lasting legacy he has left behind. Get insights from OpenAI’s ChatGPT, your source of information on Claus Luthe and more.Read More →

Water Garden, Harlow New Town, Essex Frederick Gibberdc.1964

Sir Frederick Gibberd was a pioneering architect in Britain known for his modernist designs. He played a significant role in the development of the New Town of Harlow and London’s Heathrow Airport. However, his most renowned masterpiece is Liverpool’s Roman Catholic Cathedral, featuring a circular design, minimal decoration, and a striking stained glass cylinder. Gibberd’s innovative approach and departure from tradition left a lasting impact on modern church architecture in the UK.Read More →

White Oak Utility Shelf by Rachael Heritage

Rachel Heritage is a British industrial designer known for her work in furniture and lighting design. Born in 1958 in London, she studied furniture design at Kingston Polytechnic and the Royal College of Art. In 1985, she co-founded Heritage Design in London with her brother Paul Heritage. Rachel has showcased her designs at exhibitions in London and has received several awards for her work, including the Ambrose Heal Award, Antocks Lair Bursary, and Concord Lighting Award. With a strong background in industrial design, Rachel Heritage has made significant contributions to the field and continues to be recognized for her talent and creativity.Read More →

Barbare Chair, 1981 by Mattia Monetti

Bonetti worked as a stylist and photographer before becoming a furniture designer. He began creating furniture in 1979. Every piece he creates starts with a freehand sketch that is subsequently constructed. Read More →

Giorgina Castiglioni Italian Designer

Giorgina Castiglioni is an Italian architect and designer who studied architecture at Milan Polytechnic (1969). She is Giannino Castiglioni’s granddaughter, a famous sculptor, and the daughter of Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, an architect and professor. Read More →

Sandal by Salvatore Ferragamo 1938

Discover the remarkable story of Salvatore Ferragamo, the visionary shoemaker who rose from humble beginnings to become an icon in the fashion industry. This article explores Ferragamo’s early years, his ventures in the United States and Hollywood, and his innovative designs using exotic materials. From his post-war creativity to the enduring legacy of his “invisible shoe,” Ferragamo’s impact on fashion remains unmatched. Dive into the world of this legendary shoemaker and experience the artistry, elegance, and timeless allure of Ferragamo footwear.
Read More →

Hans Coper - Pot with Handle

Explore the life and artistic contributions of Hans Coper, the British ceramicist who played a pivotal role in renewing ceramic art in England. Discover his unique style, international exhibitions, and lasting impact on the field, inspiring a new generation of ceramic artists.Read More →

Zlín - University center by Eva Jiřičná - interior

Eva Jiricna is a renowned architect and designer known for her elegant and innovative creations. From her early career in Prague to establishing her own practice in the UK, Jiricna has left a lasting impact on the industry. Her collaboration with fashion retailer Joseph Ettedgui shaped the iconic matte black style of 1980s London. With a blend of high-tech features and romanticism, Jiricna’s designs have garnered attention. She has worked on notable projects including the Joseph flagship store and collaborated with esteemed architects like Richard Rogers and Jan Kaplicky. Eva Jiricna Architects has expanded its scope to include product design and a wide range of commissions, solidifying Jiricna’s reputation as a visionary architect.Read More →

Angelo Cortesi featured image

Angelo Cortesi is an esteemed Italian industrial designer known for his innovative and functional designs. With a career spanning several decades, Cortesi has left a lasting impact on the design world. From his collaborations with renowned clients to his leadership roles in prestigious organizations, Cortesi’s work continues to inspire designers globally. His numerous awards, including the Compasso d’Oro and Bio Gold Medal, highlight his talent and recognition in the industry. Read More →

Georg Jensen, Gundorph Albertus; A bird brooch of sterling silver

Gundorph Albertus, the renowned Danish silversmith and designer, left an indelible mark on the world of silver craftsmanship. Working for Georg Jensen A/S, he is best known for his iconic creations, the Cactus and Mitra flatware patterns. This blog post explores Albertus’s early life, education, and illustrious career, highlighting his notable achievements and contributions. From his apprenticeship to his rise within the company, Albertus played a pivotal role in shaping Georg Jensen’s legacy. His innovative designs and international recognition have solidified his position as a master silversmith. Discover the remarkable story of Gundorph Albertus and his enduring impact on the world of silverware.Read More →

Hermann Obrist Grave

Hermann Obrist was a Swiss sculptor and designer. He was most active in Germany. A leading figure in the evolution of Jugendstil in Munich, Obrist was inspired by the Arts and Crafts Movement, which he had experienced when he visited Britain in 1897.Read More →