Mantra French Street Artist

Working with entomologists around the globe, the French street artist known as Mantra (previously) transforms brick facades and concrete walls into massive studies of local butterfly specimens. With framed outer edges that mimic a wooden box, Read More →

Born in L.A. in 1978, Tristan Eaton started pursuing street art as a teenager, painting everything from billboards to dumpsters in the urban landscapes of the cities where he lived, be it London, Detroit, or New YorkRead More →

Keith Haring Icons

Keith Haring was best known for his graffiti-like painting, initially on the black paper used to cover discontinued billboard advertisements in the New York subway. After after a feverish 1980’s style career of surging popular success and grudging critical attention, Haring died of AIDS in 1991 at the age of 31.Read More →

AKACORLEONE cover from Pinterest

Pedro Campiche aka AKACORLEONE is a illustrator and graphic designer from Lisbon, Portugal. A designer with a street artist background. He was painting wall, running from dogs gave him an addiction to typography, colour, painting.Read More →

French Street Artist Turns Boring CIty Walls into Hyper-Realistic Scenes

French artist Patrick Commecy is based in Eyzin-Pinet, France, but travels all over the country to paint walls. Using the facade of buildings as his canvas, he captures the history and culture of the place through his art. Commecy uses trompe-l’œil, a technique where realistic looking scenes are used toRead More →

This mural always seems to have a car parked in front of it.  I took this early the other day on a walk with Toby. Or you may want its cousin. A-cool Giant Realistic Stuffed Marine Soft Plush Toy Octopus Length is 33.5″ or 85 CM From Forepaws to Hindpaws,HeightRead More →

11 Most Amazing 3D Street Art Illusions

When it comes to 3D Street Art Illusions then Edgar Müller never fails to impress us all. This German artist is one of the masters of 3D street art who uses street as his huge canvas to create fascinating 3D street art. And when it comes to illusions, who don’t like good illusions?Read More →

Aaron Li-Hill (Kiev) Street art painting of runners running towards each other

Painted with the support of Sky Art Foundation and Mural Social Club, this latest mural from Aaron Li-Hill ( interviewed ) is entitled The Impact Of Discovery. Featuring some of the American artist’s signature motion-inspired imagery, the piece put up on the side of the Cultural Center of Ukraine’s largestRead More →

Street Art of a large pigeon head

Artist Adele Renault creates large-scale paintings of pigeons, highlighting the spectacular feather patterns and hues that might otherwise go unnoticed at the birds’ small scale. Source: Adele Renault, Large-scale paintings of pigeonsRead More →

“WEENwave” by Madsteez in New York City

Our friend Madsteez just sent us some images from his latest mural which was just completed on the streets of New York City. Working on a cold winter day, the American artist brought to life another of his colorful piece of work which depicts a giant wave. Source: “WEENwave” byRead More →

Street artist Margaret Kilgallen two women arm in arm

With artists like KAWS and Banksy regularly topping lists of the most expensive artists, it’s easy to forget there was a time when street art and graffiti were considered low brow nuisances. The drastic surge of interest in those artists is due in large part to the paths paved byRead More →

Street art comic

Eye magazine posted a photo:Read More →

“Looking Beyond” a new mural by SeaCreative in Tuscany, Italy

Let’s go back to talk about our friend and artist SeaCreative and his latest mural entitled Looking beyond . The work is included in the largest DOTS project acronym of Down On The Street , conceived by Blue Train Circolo Arci and with the support of the municipal administration ofRead More →

Nearly three years ago, artist and automotive designer Brian Peterson began a project that has since taken on a life of its own. Called Faces of Santa Ana (FOSA), Peterson started with art-making and human kindness as his platform; upon moving to Santa Ana, California in 2015, he noticed thatRead More →

One of today’s most innovative graffiti writers is undoubted, Pantone, and his newest piece for the Life Is Beautiful in Las Vegas festival speaks volumes. Speaking enthusiastically on Instagram Pantone said, “My first public #w3dimensional piece is in downtown Las Vegas and makes me so happy!” Even amongst all theRead More →

I love this chunky/wavy typographic street art by Pref . He spoke with Colossal back in May about his art. “Since then I have pushed and experimented with this idea of overlapping words, seeing how many I can fit into the space of one word, and then slowly boiling itRead More →

Balasz Takac is alias of Vladimir Bjelicic (1983), who is actively engaged in art criticism, curatorial and artistic practice and is an author of numerous critical articles published both in print and digital media. Source: At a Chateau in Bordeaux, 9 Street Artists Explore ColorRead More →

Smug One’s Urban Portraits Adorn Walls Across Globe Australia-born muralist Smug One uses walls and structures across the world as canvases for his vivid portraits. Whether it’s his own family members, friends, or pop culture figures, Smug subverts the typical texture and lighting of mural art with his figurative pieces.Read More →

Banksy mural NYC - You Loot We Shoot

Elusive British street artist Banksy just officially acknowledged his “You Loot, We Shoot” mural that recently popped up in New York City as part of his mini-trip in the United States of America. The stencilled artwork shows a businessman in suit from the NYSE ( New York Stock Exchange )Read More →

Andrew Schoultz painted the now-reopened Community Skatepark in Las Vegas with The UNLV Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art and the Clark County Winchester Cultural Center. Schoultz is known for his deep connection to skateboarding, painting numerous skateparks, collaborating with skate brands, and recently painting the Skatepark of Tampa for their 2017 Tampa Am.Read More →