On the occasion of Philippe Apeloig’s lecture “Abstract or not” at Mudam Luxembourg, Design Friends published a 24-pages catalogue in French and English. The interview was conducted by Arthur Dreyfus.Read More →

Samuel Salcedo’s Surreal, Vulnerable Figures The surreal sculptures of Samuel Salcedo add both distortion and vulnerability to the human form. The Spanish artist plays with texture and scale, creating intimacy in both nude figures and massive faces adorning gallery walls. Source: Samuel Salcedo’s Surreal, Vulnerable FiguresRead More →

Xi’an, an ancient Chinese city known as the home of the Terracotta Warriors , has gotten a dose of modernity thanks to a new bookstore. Designed by Shanghai-based Wutopia Labs, the futuristic interior of the Zhongshu Bookstore was created using nearly 10,000 feet of curved steel bookcases to show offRead More →

The Brooklyn based artist Patrick Jacobs explores the gallery space in a unique way. He installs his work inside galleries – literally within the gallery. Jacobs carefully constructs meticulously detailed diorama-like models. These models are then installed within the white walls of the gallery and fitted with porthole type windows.Read More →

ecal student ilseop yoon uses a corrugated structure to build a strong yet lightweight aluminum seat. influenced both from the world of architecture and fashion, the pleats chair combines a strong structure with beautiful aesthetics. the pleats chair the designer chose aluminum both for its rigidity and lightness but alsoRead More →

The last time we spoke to Johanna Walderdorff she had just moved to Leipzig to concentrate on her large-scale fantastical creations. Sine then, the German illustrator has been working nonstop. “I got commissioned for the first time shortly after the last article and I haven’t stopped working since. Last yearRead More →

the hour glass — a shape we associate with sand, and the spine of a black widow spider — hasn’t changed much since its arrival, antiquity. typically, two facing-triangular-shapes combine to funnel trickling, gravity-sensitive sand down a narrow (usually glass or plastic) corridor, then back out again. but with theRead More →

Swedish-Gambian singer/songwriter Seinabo Sey’s new track “Remember” is just as powerful and moving as her previous music. The song, which features equally striking vocals by Jacob Banks, is Sey’s first new release in two years and she seems even more confident than ever—thanks to bold and seamless songwriting. With noRead More →

  Photo courtesy of Andrew Dinsky PLG Estates Los Angeles studio AUX Architecture, led by Brian Wickersham, have recently completed a modern house in West Hollywood, California, that’s been designed to foster an indoor / outdoor lifestyle. The exterior of the house has white stucco paired with gray Equitone fiberRead More →

User Personas have long been the go-to tool for visualizing what we learn about users. But is it always the right tool and are their better alternatives? In a bizarre quirk of scheduling, I have some availability next month if anybody needs help.Discover 8 ways I can help your businessRead More →

If San Francisco is your favorite city, then snap up this CorkMap. The many streets and neighborhoods within the city limit are laser scored into the cork, all to scale at 2.5″=1 mile. Use it as a message board or as a planning tool for your next visit; either way,Read More →

Download Creative Business Card Design Template. This is a free Business Card Template which is specially designed for creative agencies but you can use it for any types of businesses, corporate and small big companies. Free Creative Business Card Design Template is very easy to customize and all the layersRead More →

You can find tons of free frontend web frameworks if you search hard enough. They all come with their upsides and drawbacks, but there’s a framework out there for everyone. Mozilla Brick is a newer framework and it’s built as a UI library that runs on Web Components . Source:Read More →

Balloon mockup

A free sample mockup (get the full party bundle here ). Rendered PSD file that allows you to change all designs and the background. Size: 5400 x 3600 px at 300 dpi. More great & free Mockups: Source: Balloons Mockup | MockupWorld And let us mansplain Balloon – Ten RandomRead More →