Amazon Basics Wooden Toy Truck Set


Amazon Basics Wooden Toy Truck Set

Toy trucks are beneficial for early development.

Toy trucks are popular among children of all ages. It’s also no secret that playing with toy trucks aids in the growth and learning of children. Most children find that playing with toy trucks allows them to think freely and not have to think about anything else but playing. Through play, children learn about themselves and the world around them. When infants reach a particular age, they also begin to imitate and copy the actions of adults. This is why many experts advise parents to allow their children to play with toys that have developmental value rather than forcing them to learn something.

Toy trucks are familiar to most children. They are similar to cars in that they have four wheels, but they are much larger. Some children may initially play with toy trucks differently. It’s not uncommon for them to knock toy trucks together or to be tempted to fling the toy truck around as if it could fly. You might find this strange, but it’s a good thing. Children use their imaginations and creativity to figure out how things function when they play in this manner.


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  • Set of interactive kids learning toys for helping develop motor skills and introducing imaginative play
  • Durable rubberwood construction
  • Includes 6 wood vehicle toys: Bulldozer, Cement Truck, Excavator, Fire Engine, Garbage Truck, and Tuk Tuk (auto rickshaw)
  • Great for independent play or interactive play with other children
  • It helps improve and develop creativity, curiosity, and motor function in a fun, colourful way
  • For ages 12+ months


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