The Heart: Frida Kahlo in Paris

The Heart: Frida Kahlo in Paris

The Heart: Frida Kahlo in Paris

By Marc Petitjean

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This intimate account offers a new, unexpected understanding of the artist’s work and the vibrant 1930s surrealist scene.

In 1938, just as she was leaving Mexico for her first solo exhibition in New York, Frida Kahlo was devastated to learn from her husband, Diego Rivera, that he intended to divorce her. This latest blow followed a long series of betrayals, most painful of all his affair with her beloved younger sister, Cristina, in 1934. In early 1939, anxious and adrift, Kahlo travelled from the United States to France—her only trip to Europe and the beginning of a unique period of her life when she was enjoying success on her own.

Now, this previously overlooked part of her story is brought to light in exquisite detail for the first time. Marc Petitjean takes the reader to Paris, where Kahlo spends her days alongside Pablo Picasso, André Breton, Dora Maar, and Marcel Duchamp.

Using Kahlo’s whirlwind romance with the author’s father, Michel Petitjean, as a jumping-off point, The Heart: Frida Kahlo in Paris provides a striking portrait of the artist and an inside look at the history of one of her most potent, enigmatic paintings.

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