Beginner’s Guide to CNC Machining in Wood

Beginner’s Guide to CNC Machining in Wood

Beginner’s Guide to CNC Machining in Wood: Understanding the Machines, Tools, and Software, Plus Projects to Make

By Ralph Bagnall


Your beginner-friendly resource to understanding CNC!

  • A complete manual to understanding the fundamentals, machinery, software, tools, and materials of CNC
  • Hands-on projects that incorporate various concepts and techniques in digital wood joinery and 2-1/2 D carving
  • Easy-to-understand text is clear, approachable, and applies to a wide range of software and machine brands.
  • Diagrams, illustrations, software screenshots, and helpful photography provided throughout
  • Overcome limitations of 3-axis CNC machines and develop comprehensive knowledge on how to use them properly and successfully

Beginner’s Guide to CNC Machining in Wood is the complete guide to understanding your CNC machine!

A tool to empower and educate the new generation of inventors, creators, designers, and fabricators, this comprehensive resource is an accessible, beginner-friendly guide for anyone interested in understanding CNC woodworking and the future of these technologies. From the fundamentals of Computer Numerical Control to its machinery, software, tools, and materials, this 160-page book will teach you everything you need to know about your CNC router in a way that’s clear, approachable, and easy to comprehend.

Providing detailed overviews on how to get started with practical and essential tips, technique tutorials, and skill-building projects, the general principles and instructions provided here apply to a wide range of software and CNC machine brands, making this a must-have resource a comprehensive and inclusive guide that any woodworker can use!

Author Ralph Bagnall will walk you through understanding CAD/CAM programs, choosing a machine, setting up a workspace, and basic operations before providing detailed insight on various CNC techniques. From basic fittings and shop tasks to shaping and lettering, inlays, carvings, and more, each technique-based section features step-by-step projects accompanied with computer software screenshots, helpful illustrations, and expert tips to ensure success in each skill-building application.

The included step-by-step CNC projects are for both practical and decorative items that will allow you to practice various techniques and specific skills in digital wood joinery and 2-1/2 D carving. The woodworking projects range from clamps, jigs, and fixtures to improve your shop to a custom carved sign, logo luggage tag, grapevine relief carving, and more. With its informational chapters, clear instructions, diagrams, illustrations, software screenshots, and high-quality photography provided throughout; this book will inspire you while equipping you with a strong foundation of knowledge to continue along the path of this innovative method of woodworking.

Immerse yourself in CNC methods and practices, and even learn how to overcome the limitations of three-axis CNC machines with Beginner’s Guide to CNC Machining in Wood!

“If you’ve been contemplating buying a CNC machine for your shop, or you own one but still struggle with what seems like a steep learning curve, this book by industry expert Ralph Bagnall might be just what the doctor ordered to take your CNC pursuits to the next level.”
—Chris Marshall, Senior Editor, Woodworker’s Journal Magazine

“In this easy-to-understand handbook, Ralph explains how every woodworker can benefit from having a CNC in their shop. With unique tips, tricks, and buying advice, Ralph’s 20 years of industry experience make this book a must-have for both the aspiring and professional CNC operator.”
—David Venditto, President and Founder, Infinity Cutting Tools

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