Product Design Styling

Product Design Styling

Product Design Styling

By Peter Dabbs



In this, the first product design book devoted purely to styling, Peter Dabbs, helps students and professionals to understand how to style their consumer-focused products.

Providing a clear and simple breakdown of the stages in the styling process,ย Product Design Stylingย is packed with:

โ€ข Annotated illustrations
โ€ข Photographs of industry examples
โ€ข Modified images showing proportions, silhouettes and lines

The clear text and visual examples guide you through a structured professional styling process that has been broken down intoย digestible stages. Each stage examines and illustrates what designers should focus on, how to evaluate what has been designed, and how to optimize it if required. You will also learn how to analyse and critique the styling of competitors and your work and use this awareness to produce superior designs in less time confidently.

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