Sketching: The Basics

Sketching: The Basics

Sketching: the Basics

By Koos Eissen and Roselien Steur



This book explains the basic sketching techniques and decisions more in-depth. It provides many more step-by-step example drawings, making it even more suitable for students and professionals who want to become better sketchers.

Sketching the Basics can be seen as the prequel to Sketching as it is more targeted at the novice designer. The Basics explains the essential techniques and effects more in detail, taking the reader by the hand and guiding him step by step through all the various aspects of drawing that novice designer come up against.

Sketching the Basics starts with the white sheet of paper or the empty screen. It explains the rudiments of learning to draw clearly and comprehensively, using step by step illustrations, examples and strategies. You will learn to use and master the different techniques and apply sketches in the design process.

Internationally leading Designers from various cultures around the world contributed to Designer Showcase to illustrate the sketching theory. They contributed a series of sketches that reflect the design process, from thumbnail to final drawing. Drawings that have proven to be important in the decision-making

Sketching the Basics helps you to draw with an open mind. The authors believe in active observation and participation by the student. There are many moments when choices alter the outcome during the drawing process. Being aware of those moments and the variety of options and opportunities makes your attitude more flexible and less rigid. And an open mind is key to a good design process.

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