The Perfect Kitchen

The Perfect Kitchen

The Perfect Kitchen

By Barbara Sallick



The kitchen is the heart of the home, the destination of every party, everyone’s favourite gathering spot, where style and functionality must go hand in hand. Designing a kitchen is a vastly complicated affair, involving an array of appliances (movable and fixed) and storage zones, not to mention addressing the kitchen’s role as a multifunctional social arena to be used from early in the morning until late into late the night. Creating a timeless, high-functioning space is daunting indeed. Where is one to begin?

In The Perfect Kitchen, Waterworks co-founder Barbara Sallick explores the process of designing a kitchen is great and beautiful detail, from surfaces and finishes to storage, cabinetry, and hardware. Dozens of kitchens images enrich the book by esteemed designers such as Steven Gambrel, Gil Schafer, and Suzanne Kasler; essays by top food icons including Julia Turshen and Melissa Clark about their kitchens; and essential, how-to advice.

Combining evocative, informative photography with an authoritative, engaging narrative, The Perfect Kitchen is an essential, lasting resource that will appeal to discerning homeowners and professionals looking for upscale visual inspiration and design advice.

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